Barcelona, Spain

‘‘This is a book of Totems. This book, itself, is a totem.
It is a book of inspirations; it is an inspiring book: a dossier of the sources of creativity of different artists and dreamers. Totem is the book made for OFFF Barcelona 2019, the emblematic international festival that navigates through a wide series of definitions between art, creativity and technology. This book is a starting point for creation. This book is a totem we all build together, and that will surely build more dreams, art and magic with whoever owns it. This whole book is a Totem we share, and it is the first spark of something amazing.’’

Book designed by Bienal Mx for OFF Fest Barcelona 2019

OFF Fest Totem book by Bienal MX - Hola Lou® Art.jpg
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Pic courtesy of Bienal Mx

Pic courtesy of Bienal Mx


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