Be the curator.

It’s probably only you who knows what your home, venue or shop needs.
Customize artworks to your preferred color palette, size and style for murals,
original paintings or digital illustrations. Fill this form below:

Hola Lou® for Fenton and Fenton Australia

The process -

1. Get Inspired

Take a look at my recent works on my Instagram profile or on my site, or, if you already know
what you’re looking for, just let me know by filling the form in the button above - Let’s talk a
bit more about your next piece so I can start step No. 2 -

2. Draft

Now that I know what this project is about, I’ll start drafting some ideas by hand,
convert them to a simple digital file and send via email a first draft with some recommended
color variations and options to choose from.

Please know that in order to start drafting, the downpayment needs to be covered.

Process draft by Hola Lou® Mexico Artist

3. Process shots

Once the draft is authorized, I will send some pictures or tag you in the creative process of
the artwork. Sometimes I post some of these images on my feed as well.

4. ApProval + Delivery

Once the final piece is finished, one last picture is sent for approval.
After this, it is carefully packaged and shipped to your place.

*In the case of digital illustrations: File will be sent for revision and once approved,
a final file is sent saved in your requested formats.


The artwork process usually lasts 1.5 to 3 weeks + 3 to 5 weekdays
for the order to be dispatched after final payment is 100% covered.

Canvas painting by Hola Lou®